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The Tree of Might

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Majestic. So majestic.

"Wickedness is myth invented by good people to explain the curious attractiveness of others."- Oscar Wilde

No, this isn't a fan femme site and I'm not attracted to him in a romantic way. Mainly coz' I'm a boy. And I don't swing that way. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Okay, shut up, me. I mean drawn to. Like a a ray of darkness in an unwise unbearably sunny day.;) I made this site for people who just can't get enough Turles. Has this question also been burning in anybody else's mind?:Where the hell did he come from?

Fan: Well, when a mommy sayaijin and a daddy sayaijin love each other very much...

No, I mean who's he related to? The most obvious choice would be related to Goku and Bardock, but I saw a doujinshi cover where it had Sayiajins divided into either Goku or Vegeta's family. He was on the Veggie side. A prince, perhaps? YES!!!!WAHOOO!!! *celebrates* but still, it doesn't make sense. I mean, everybody who looks like Goku is in his family: Bardock and Goten. DAMMIT I NEED CLOSURE!!!!!!! Maybe he's related to both Goku and Vegeta. OMG, I just gave myself heart burn. 0_o Anyhoo, enjoy is little site o' mine. I have an obscene lack of HTML skills, so this is not that good yet. I'm getting better, though. Feel free to add your ideas and such to this site. It'll never be great without your help. ^_^

- The Evil Guy

Talk to the Evil Guy.

9/13/01- Well at least I got the site up. After months of evil schemin-er-rigorous work *nervous laugh* I finally launched it! My evil plan-um- DBZ site is finally realized!
It's empty pretty much, but I plan to fill it up in a few days. The weekend's comin' up. Search around, you might find something. If the page is blank, that's because it's not filled yet.My condolences go out to the familes and friends of those lost in the WTC bombing. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!

Okay, I've added something to the "Who Run It?" section and-

Turles: Hey, aren't you working on a fanfic?

Well, yeah, but it's soooo long! I'll have the first section up in a few days. Laterz!