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Things That Might Help....

I can't promise you anything but I can offer advice to those who wish to try. First, write FUNimation a letter at the official DBZ website. But don't send them something that says anything like: "U sUK! U ShOUld b CAlled FAGimation!!!!!" They'll delete it five times before it disappears. Instead, write something like: "Dear FUNimation. I can appreciate your efforts, but....." then express your concerns. I'm doing it soon, but the more who do it the better our chances of getting through to them. Also, see if you can get any dubbies you know to see the light. Chances are, if they get a taste of real DBZ, the won't go back.To quote Jed Clampett:"Once you've had turkey, you ain't likely to settle for tripe." ;) But some people are die-hard dubbies. Others, you can reform! Or at least try. I look at the boys in my class (and a few girls) who run about talking about the Spirit Bomb and Special Beam Cannon instead of the Genki Dama and Makkssupo(I don't know how it's spelled.) and think "Poor dubbie fools. They'll never know the *real* DBZ." These people probably already have some kind of status in the dubbie community and can get their friends to change and so on and so forth.
But it's really not FUNi's fault. It's teleparents. I speak out against them entirely! But I'm writing an editorial on that. Please get them to read it when it's up. We have to get this at the source! That's all the advice I have right now. Peace.

I still don't own DBZ......