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The Tree of Might
DBZ MiSTs...


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This is where you can send any MiSTs you've done.

Random DBZ zealot: What the hell's a MiST?

Good question, confused one!;)A MiST is a DBZ script with your own wisecracks and bashes inserted between dialogue and actions. You'll have to write your own script until maybe I can get a link to ones I've retyped. Anyway, please nothing over PG-13. I have parents and I prefer to have computer privileges.

Contributors (send in a MiST and get your name put up here!)

Oh yeah, this is not just the Tree of Might. Any ep or movie will do. That includes Dragonball.

I do not claim MiSTs that are not of my own evil doings.;) They are property of the authors and may be taken down upon their requests. Oh yeah, and I don't own DBZ