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The Tree of Might
Who Run It? (about the Evil Guy)


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You wish to know about moi?

Well, I'm a teenager, so i can't give out any personal info on the net, but here are a facts. Okay, so a lot of facts....

Name: Kevin Russell
Gender: male
Favorite Songs:

"U Understand?"
"Drift Away"
"Protect Ya Neck"
"Brang Yo Azz Outdoz"
"Wishin' it Was" (There's a little history on this. Dude who sings it-Eagle Eye Cherry- sounds like Turles! I kid you not! Maybe I'll have a MP3 file up someday. My computer is not the most advanced. Not even advanced. Okay, it's not even good....)
"Bad Boy 4 Life"
"The Light"
"Better Off Dead"
"Mrs. Jackson"
"Whistle While You Twerk"
"Have You Ever Seen The Rain?"
"Lean On Me"

More to come in that department....

Race: Mulatto. I'm not proud or ashamed of it. It's just kind of the deal nature gave me. I don't act "black" or "white" either. I'm just me.

Hobbies: Eating, hibernating, reading, running, weight-lifting, drawing Turles, Don Karnage (of Talespin fame), wolves and pirates. I have an obession with those pirates....

Things I like: Annoying my family with the "Cha-La-Head-Cha La" song, weekends, Talespin, Gundam Wing(That "Mobile Suit Gundam sucks IMHO), pizza, D&D, Legend of Zelda, hunting, meat, country, rap and jazz.

Things I hate: school, DBZ dubs, Backwash Boys, N'Stink, Shitney Spears, Aaron Farter and 28 Degrees.

I do a lot of stupid/crazy/silly things. Once I chased I guy in a lobster costume with drawn butter just for kicks at a costume party. The funny is he ran like I really was going to try and eat him. Weird people. ;)

That's it for now. I'll add more later.

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