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Don Karnage: King of Krime
Stupid Questions to Ask Your Friends


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This is a collection of questions that you can use on any newbie TS fans. The answers are completely false so if you E-mail me with anything about them being so, I will either delete it before reading or have a good hearty laugh at your idiocy. Enjoy. :)

Before I start, I just want to say, Nobody take offense, please. if you don't have a sense of humor or are extremely defensive of any character,PLEASE LEAVE NOW! This is all in good fun and I have nothing against any character on the show. Thank you.

1.Q: Why does Don Karnage talk so funny?
A:Because he was found as a puppy and raised in the wilds of Central Park by the Aswepi natives. Next!

2.Q:Does Becky have permanent PMS or what?
A: No, and actually, Becky is a monkey in a bear suit. She is grumpy all the time because she is unable to shoot turds like a monkey when vexed, due to having to wear pants to hide her tail. Silly people;silly questions....

3.Q: How old is Don Karnage?
A: He is over 3,000 years old. He made a pact with the Aswepi's Almighty Cheese Sampler Tray for immortality in exchange for never consuming a dairy product.

Questions by Brenda Rowell and Answered By Yours Truly.

Q:Does Louie get a discount when he buys two pairs of gloves at the sametime?

Q:Why doesn't Shere Khan trim his claws?
A: Because the Mouse people have boycotted all forms sharp instruments due to an uprising by the oppressed beings in the editing department . Next!
Q:Why does Molly's underwear hang down all the time?
A: Two words: Soiled Pull-ups.

Q:Why do the Jungle Aces wear pots and pans on their heads?
A:It keeps the Podpeople from controling their minds and forcing them to do their nefarious bidding. And they couldn't afford real club chapeaus. What'cha gonna do?....

Q:Who is Danger Woman?
A: A rumor started by media executives'depraved pet chipmunks for business reasons not to mention a popular radio persona.
Q:Why is there a waterfall outside of Becky's apartment?
A:Well, it's not a waterfall per se. They didn't have much plumbing back then.........

Q:Where does Mad Dog get his dresses?
A:Bloomingdales. Where else?

Q:What size boot does Don Karnage wear? (his feet are bigger than Baloos size 14s)?
A: Yummy: pickles!

Q:Why does Baloo keep food in his shirt pockets?
A:To appease the spirits which inhabit the lower pockets of his flight shirt. It is for the annual sacrifice. It's a little known ritual and a great honor to witness.

Q:Does Becky see dead people when Baloo snores?
A: No, Kit does. he sees them *low whisper* all the time......

Still more to come, sports fans!......