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Don Karnage: King of Krime
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You Wish to Know about Moi?

Heh. Aren't you brave? Well, you're in over your head here. You will find out more about me than any normal human can bear. Enjoy. Mwhahahaheehahaha.....

Name: Kevin Russell
State: Tennessee
No, I don't know anyone named Cleetus or BillyBob. Yes, I do live on a farm. No, I don't have a Southern drawl(except when I'm PO'ed. Then I sound like the Colonel.) yes we do have horses. No I don't have hound dogs. Yes I do pronounce "I" as "Ah"
Gender:Male. (duh!)
Personality: Fun-loving. Overbearingly so. I'm just irresponsible. Period. I'm an early teen. I don't have to be responsible yet. :)

I seem to have an obsession with wolves: (DK, Slick(Droopy cartoons),and Hokey The Wolf(HB) ; pirates.

I have always had a natch flair for villains, but some I absolutely love, some I can take or leave and others I absolutely despise.

Fav pirates:
Capt. Don Karnage
Capt.(Master) Turles (DBZ)
Capt. Hook
Capt. Pegleg Pete

I sing "A Pirate's Life For Me" in the shower. ;)

Fav. villains not pirates: Scar, Jafar, Malificent and that minature poodle from An American Tail IV with the Napelon Syndrome. I just like her. Coy little minx.......(Mousie'?)

Hated villains: Ratcliffe(I just want to kick his fat butt!),Frieza(DBZ), and that pyschotic chimpanzee from Planet of Apes.(Thane? Thade?) what was up *his* butt?

Facts.Facts.Scary Facts.
I'm one car-razzzzzzy guy. I'm done a lot of stuff in my day and plan on more. A short list of my antics......

I once....

chased a guy in a turban screaming "Genie,I want my wish!"

pounced on a box of donuts and messily devoured the lot.

wore two different colored socks and rewarded those who called attention to it with a Toostie Roll Pop.

"killed" a "possessed" doll of my little sister's with a paper towel roll.

played with a black roach and grossed everybody out by telling them I like to play with my food before I eat it.

got trapped in a cardboard box

dressed myself and my dog(may he rest in peace) in bedsheets and proclaimed a toga party.

Thoughts on Stuff:
(And more will come)
If you decided you don't want to upload the webpage, absolutely hit the Stop button! Huh? Oh *that* kind of abortion......
I love it! It's not the killing of the animal, but the sheer adrenialine rush and thrill of chasing it. Free meal too. Sitting up in a tree waiting for a deer to mosy on by is not hunting IMVHO. It's sitting in a tree waiting for a deer to mosy on by. Hunting is not amoral.If it were amoral because of the killing, wouldn't herbivores also be at fault too for killing the grass and berries they eat? Plants would be the only one with ethics if tht were the case. If their weren't any predators, the herbivore pop. would overflow and they'd all be vying for a blade of grass and in the end die out. You can't feed plants at the petting zoo or sigh at the adorable baby who nuzzles you, but a death is a death. Whether you squash a bug or kill a person, it's death. Unless you're in it for the health,leaness or just hate the thought of eating animal flesh, I don't see the point of vegetarianism. That's just my opinion, tho. I don't think any less of anyone who does it or refuse an amiable relationship with them. It's no reason to decide on who you choose as a friend/mate/evil minion /etc. :D.

Too much? I don't blame you for being sick of reading. Enjoy the rest of my site!