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Don Karnage: King of Krime
DK Episode Reviews


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This is where I put my reviews of DK's episodes. As soon as I figure out how, I'll give them their own capsules, but bear with me until then. I'll have a review up here as soon as possible.

Yipee! A review!


Synopsis: Baloo meets Rick Skye, a WWI legend who is falsely considered a traitor and a thief, gets harassed by the Captain, and helps Rick regain his honor by recovering the stolen silver.

My Two Cents

I loved this ep! DK is so cunning and vicious, I get a shiver up my spine whenever I think about it. I love Karny when he's evil!

The animation was iffy, though. It rocked between high quality and horrible. The characters' movements were so exaggerated at points, I just wanted to stab myself in the
eye with a fork.

Heh. Baloo was reading a comic book while flying the Duck. If Becky saw him, she'd go into conniptions!

No Kit or Khan. I'm sad now....

I love the way Karny says, "So Baloo, you came back? Now its time to pay the pilot." (or something like that. Piper? Pirate?) So deep, gravelly and ferocious.....

I liked Rick despite what he did to DK.(The spinning plane thing.) Cool accent.Cool plane. Cool guy. He's more like human than an anthro, which I liked, even though I usually don't go for that in favorite one-shots.

Becky seemed to have a hair up her butt. She talked about Rick like he wasnt even there. If you must say something about somebody, Becky : Say it to their face.

Rick does sort of a turn-the-blame-around thing on Baloo:

Rick:....Well, you didn't tell me your plane had no blasted gun on it! Imagine my surprise!
Baloo: Well, If you'da told me you were gonna steal it, I woulda put some on for ya!
Rick: That's perfectly alright....

Fav. Quotes

"So, Baloo, you do not even have enough sense to come in out of the rain?"- DK

"Guess I'll have to take a bath when I get home.....and it's only Monday!"- Baloo

"Baloo, I gave you strict orders! Thanks for disobeying."-Rick Skye

Thats it. Shoo,shoo.....;D

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