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Don Karnage: King of Krime
For America........


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I wrote a poem to describe my feelings toward Bin Laden during this troubled time. It contains some language, so if you're under 12, I suggested you don't read it. I don't want angry parents flaming me......

You kick us in the face like you'd a dog
How I'd love to drown you in a bog
And watch the 'gators rip you limb from limb
You'll be flooded in my country's tears
I hope that you can swim.

I'd come draped in the US's flag to your hideaway
Only one of us will live on this day
I'll call you out and shoot you up in such a manner
The bullets flying through your brain will ring with "The Star Spangled Banner"!

And when you're lying cold and dead, I'll jab a flagpole through your head and hoist the flag 'till it flys proud and high against a blood-red sky.

Yeah I'd kill you in a flash
You made my mom and sisters cry
I want that 25 mil in cash
And to watch you to die.

I'll hate you for the rest of my life
Even when you're dead and gone
If I can't kill you for real
I'll do it in my song

Die you filthy bearded bitch
You pretend to be good and brave
I wish your skin to burn and itch
from now on till the grave

But have no fear, it won't be long,
until you go
You'll be the first corpse in the morgue to have a greenish glow

And we'll ask Bush to declare a holiday
celebrating your demise
Forever and a day, you America will despise
And on that day, all in the land of the free and brave will Come by one by one to take a piss on your grave

Now to you what I'm saying is not nice
But I want to shed some blood
Yours to be precise
So prepare yourself, it'll be "tha bomb"
But Iraq won't rest too good that day cause then we'll be on Saddam

You'd signed your own death certificate on September 11: 9/11
But you forgot
America don't play that, son!

We'll bomb your home, your wives and kids
Of that have you no doubt
From the tallest tree, the air and sea and mountains I will shout:

America won with odds 6:1 against the British and fought for freedom well.
Now we're friends again and will send you and all your Followers to Hell! We won against the odds in the olden Day, but now a nation, strongest one, we'll make you Bastards pay!

The British and America will go together hand-in-hand
We'll bury you in your own blood-stained sand
And with you those who share your view.
America can be a bad boy too.

So you can see, my bearded friend, you can never pass
For America will win out and we will "have a blast"
So Binny boy, prepare yourself, YOUR ASS IS GRASS!

P.S- Tell Hitler I said "Up yours!". He'll know what you mean.

-Kevin "PW" Russell, the Extremley Vexed 13 year old

I'm not trying to insight hate crimes against Arab US citizens. DO NOT GO OUT AND KILL APU AND ACHMED NEXT DOOR BECAUSE THEY'RE ARABS!!! Thank you...